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A Christian Foundation

Lifecentre is a faith-based organisation, founded on Christian values, but we offer therapeutic services to all survivors of rape and sexual abuse on a non-discriminatory basis.

“the fellowship of sharing in…sufferings”

The Bible, Philippians 3:10

Lifecentre was founded in 2001 with the help of some of the churches in the Chichester area and continues to benefit from their support. Lifecentre seeks to uphold the Christian value and ethos of believing in the intrinsic dignity of every human being, their human rights and the importance of treating all people with respect, hope and value.

Our number one reason for existing is to offer unprejudiced support to all survivors regardless of their own faith background, or lack of it, gender, orientation, disability, race or any other personal factor. There are a couple of exceptions to this which are detailed in our Referral Criteria.

Lifecentre has an Equal Opportunities Policy in place that all staff and volunteers are required to adhere to.

A client-led approach

Healing from something as complex as rape or other abusive sexual acts incorporates a holistic approach. This can include addressing physical, psychological, emotional, criminal and relational issues, as well as the transpersonal/spiritual. Each person who comes to us has their own priority as to what is important to them, and we tailor counselling and helpline sessions around their specific needs and goals.

For clients wishing to include a spiritual dimension to their counselling, there is the opportunity to have a short time of prayer within their counselling session, should they request this. As a result of feedback from clients we have recognised that some people (regardless of their faith background) find they greatly value and benefit from the opportunity to have a few quiet moments of prayer in their counselling session or on the helpline, expressing that this helps them find the peace and inner strength they are struggling to regain after rape or sexual abuse. All of our therapeutic team are happy to support clients in this, provided that the client initiates it. Lifecentre counsellors will seek to empower the client in leading the style and content of any prayer. If spirituality is a resource that helps that individual, we are here to support them in accessing it.

We respect that faith is a sensitive area to be responded to with great individuality. We are not here to push spirituality on anyone. We strongly recognise that for some clients having a short time of prayer would be detrimental or alien to their healing process, in which case they can proceed through their counselling with no reference to prayer. This is honoured as an equally valid approach. Our clients come from all faiths and none, and we respect their personal faith preferences.

Our commitment is for the outworking of the ecumenical Christian foundation outlined above to create a safe place and non-judgemental environment where people can be real about the sufferings they have endured and find the best way for them to reclaim and rebuild their lives.