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Our aims and objectives

Everyone who comes to Lifecentre for help has been through the most profound of personal experiences. Our team of dedicated counsellors walk alongside men, women and children of all ages who have been raped or sexually abused. The very core of their humanity and physicality has been violated.

Repairing and preventing the impact of this violation is our passion and commitment.


  • Lifecentre specialises in counselling survivors of rape and sexual violation, whether this has been a recent incident or historical.
  • We are open to all male or female survivors, adults and children, regardless of race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, educational status or religion.
  • We offer helpline support with separate telephone helpline services for Under 18s and adults, and a text helpline service for all age groups, run by appropriately trained volunteers.
  • We offer both face-to-face and email counselling, with professionally trained counsellors, to survivors of all ages and their supporters, whether these be close family members or friends, or partners of survivors affected relationally by sexual violation.
  • We work to promote public awareness of the issues which surround trauma-inducing life experiences, particularly those of sexual violation, and develop services which will encourage and empower survivors of such events to find a voice. Not only do we seek to guide people along a path of recovery – our aim is to help prevent them from getting hurt in the first place.
  • We aim to promote the physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual well-being of our service users.
  • All Lifecentre personnel follow Lifecentre Policies and Codes of Practice in their work and are committed to our Equal Opportunities Policy.

C120963-5 Life Centre phot kate The bowl of glass pebbles representing a person who has been helped at the centre.C120963-5

At each of our counselling venues we keep a bowl of coloured glass pebbles. Each of these pebbles represents someone who has reached out to Lifecentre for counselling – girls, boys, women and men of all ages. Each person has taken their own step of courage and resilience to counteract the footprints of someone else’s atrocity. Each person is precious.

We invite all those passing through Lifecentre’s doors to hold a pebble for a moment and say a prayer for the person represented, or to honour them in your own way.

“Your help has meant I feel in control again and on top of my emotions. I am so grateful I cannot begin to find the right way to thank you… I can’t magic away the past but I can separate my life now from the past back then. When I first started counselling I was unable to do that. But I can totally see the vast difference in my past fears to my current strength today. I also feel like if an issue came up, I can contact you or someone at Lifecentre and they will be there for me too. I could cry! You have been the closest to a magic wand that I can imagine and I feel like this counselling has all fit into place and I am ready to go out there on my own! It feels a bit like how I went out in the car without my instructor for the first time once I had passed my driving test. I knew they were there if I freaked out at some point, but really ready to grab that independence and go at it ‘alone’.”

woman in her 20s