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Lifecentre Counselling Contracts

At completion of the Initial Assessment interview, clients who wish to start counselling with Lifecentre are given and asked to sign agreement to a contract of counselling. This is to help you understand the commitment we ask you to make to the counselling process.

We have a contract for adult clients, a contract for U18s clients and also a contract to do with the use of drugs and alcohol whilst in counselling.

Take a look at our contracts here:

Download our Adult Contract for Counselling Download our U18s Contract for Counselling

Although we understand some of the reasons behind using substances as a way of coping with traumatic memories, it is important to have a clear agreement around the use of drugs/alcohol and your counselling with Lifecentre. The following contract is designed to ensure that you can be in a place that is stable enough to benefit from the counselling process and that you can commit to it fully.

Download Drug and Alcohol Use Agreement