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“I feel I have gained so much as before coming to Lifecentre I did not feel myself at all. Now having had counselling I am back to my old self, happy and full of self-confidence once again. Both counsellors I met were fantastic, knew what I felt and how to help me move on. Such welcoming people.”

Client in her 20s

Lifecentre offers an Initial Assessment interview with new clients in order to assess the suitability of the client to the service, and to agree a framework within which the client and counsellor will work. At completion of the Initial Assessment interview, clients who wish to start counselling with Lifecentre are given and asked to sign agreement to a contract of counselling.

Lifecentre offers a time-limited service of 18 hour-long counselling sessions spread over one year. We find it works well to see clients weekly for the first 12 weeks of counselling. After that, you will be encouraged to come once a fortnight for the next 6 sessions. Some clients decide that they want fewer than 18 sessions which is absolutely fine too.

We offer supporters 6 sessions only, to focus on supporting the survivor they are close to. If during the course of Supporters Counselling the client discloses that they have been abused themself we will continue our work focusing on how they are supporting the survivor and offer them the option of re-referring themself to Lifecentre in order to receive the full 18 sessions of Survivors Counselling for their own experiences.

We offer women-only and men-only counselling timings for those who request this. You will initially be contacted by a woman, but you can choose whether you have a male or female counsellor. Let us know what you prefer; it is important you feel safe and comfortable with your counsellor.

We can also deliver pre-trial therapy to survivors or witnesses while the criminal justice process is ongoing and a trial may be possible. From the point when you report what happened to the police to the time when all court proceedings are complete this type of counselling can be offered. It aims to ensure that you feel emotionally supported whilst also trying not to influence the evidence you would give in court.

Download our Pre-Trial Therapy leaflet for further information

Our counselling service is provided free to individuals but we would ask you to consider making a voluntary donation towards the costs of your counselling if you are able to. If you can’t donate for any reason, you can still access the service. Donations help us to keep waiting times to a minimum and to see more survivors.

Our counselling venues

“What is different about coming here is it makes me feel like a human being; other places feel clinical which makes me feel I am sick.”

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We have counselling venues in central Chichester, central Worthing, and at the Saturn Centre in Crawley Hospital. Our venues in Chichester and Worthing are kept as confidential addresses, and only disclosed on a need-to-know basis. This is for the protection of our staff and clients, and we ask our clients to respect this confidentiality for themselves and others.

All our counselling sites are easily accessible by car or public transport. Most of our premises are accessible to wheelchair users. Please notify us if you need wheelchair access or have other physical requirements and we will do all we can to meet your needs.

Lifecentre has a policy of not providing counselling for clients in their homes. The primary reason for this is to protect the safety and confidentiality of our counsellors, as well as to maintain professional boundaries with our clients.

Referring a client to Lifecentre

If you are a professional wishing to refer a client to us, please complete the following form and email it to our secure email address:

Download our external agencies referral form Download our referral criteria