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Our work with children and young people

One in five children experiences sexual abuse before they are 18. That’s a horrible statistic and one that we would love to change. This section of our website is full of information for young people – both boys and girls – who might need help or advice for themselves or for a friend.

Here at Lifecentre our doors are open to young people of any age and we have a team of wonderful people who you can confide in and who are expertly trained to help you through various talking and creative therapies. If you would like to talk to someone about something that has happened to you or you are worried about someone else, we are here for you. Give our free helpline a call on 0808 802 0808.

  • What is sexual abuse?

    Sexual abuse can occur in many different ways. Have a read of our definition of sexual abuse and the questions we most commonly get asked about it.

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  • Whom can I tell?

    Speaking up about sexual abuse can be very hard to do. But telling someone about what has happened to you or a friend will really help. There are lots of organisations you can turn to for support and advice.

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  • Tips for keeping safe

    Here are some bits of advice on how to look out for yourself best when using social media and on a night out.

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  • Counselling? What’s it all about?

    A lot of young people are wary of counselling. Many think of it as being controlling or boring or invasive. But counselling doesn’t have to be any of those things. It’s all about offering you support in whatever way you need – a chance to have a chat with someone who will respect you and listen to you without judgement.

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  • Play Therapy

    Play therapy is particularly beneficial for younger survivors (aged 3yrs - 10yrs) who struggle to put their feelings into words. Our play therapists spend time getting to know your child and giving them the space and creative means to express themselves in whichever way they choose.

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