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Lifecentre is a member of the Helplines Partnership.

We use the Helpline Freephone Range, which means that calls to our helpline are free from landlines and mobile phones within the UK and do not appear on itemised bills.

Finding the courage to talk...

“I can trust you and can tell you everything. Lifecentre Helpline really is a safe place to talk.”

Female survivor in her 50s

We recognise that when you have been raped or sexually abused it can be incredibly difficult to talk about what happened to you and how it has made you feel. It can also be very hard to know who is safe to talk to, how they will respond and what the implications will be for you. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming even to acknowledge to yourself what you have been through.

Our experience professionally and personally is that sadly the trauma of what you have been through does not go away by burying it. In fact, trying to bury or block out painful memories can amplify the effects and consequences you are feeling. Finding the courage to talk about your trauma will enable you to process it and make positive steps forward. Our dedicated helpline team are specially trained to listen and support you through whatever you are facing. Contact us. It’s better out than in, honestly.

Want to know more about our helplines? Click here to read our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

How about our text helpline...

Finding the courage to send a text message to our helpline is often the first step to building the confidence to talk, whether that’s through our telephone helpline or progressing into face-to-face counselling. We want to make sure you know everything about our service before you use it to put your mind that little bit more at ease.

Things to know about the Text Helpline