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These policies and contracts exist so that we can ensure our clients’ safety and guarantee you the highest quality of professional care. Much of the information here relates to your rights to privacy within the service and explains what can be committed to from all sides as concerns confidentiality and our duty of care for protecting our clients.

Lifecentre has a comprehensive Data Protection Policy.

  • Our Policies

    Read our general policies, as regards confidentiality within the service, safeguarding, pre-trial therapy, equal opportunities and our complaints procedure

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  • Website Policies

    Lifecentre abides by the following policies in order to ensure that both content on the Lifecentre website and the privacy of our website users are protected.

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  • Client Contracts

    We ask all our clients to sign agreement to a contract before they commence a course of counselling with us. All our contracts are available to view and download.

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“I feel Lifecentre has helped me to begin to understand myself, I knew that one day I would be a normal person and now I have a good relationship with my children and a fulfilling relationship with a partner. I really appreciated that someone was listening to me and helping me, whereas before I always thought I was on my own.”

a lifecentre client