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“I want to say thank you that Lifecentre actually exists. It has been good to be able to talk to someone who is professional and a great help. I have been able to gain insight into my feelings and have learned how to help myself when feeling low.”

woman in her 30s

  • Dealing with the effects of rape & sexual abuse

    As a survivor of a sexually traumatic experience there are many different effects you may be living with as a result. Here we offer guidance as to how you can deal with these to the best of your ability. If you’re not quite sure whether what you have experienced was rape or sexual abuse, we can advise you on that also.

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  • Reporting to the Police

    If you wish to report to the Police what has happened to you, whether directly or anonymously, Lifecentre can advise and support you through this process and, if relevant, help you prepare for a trial without compromising the reliability of your evidence and statement.

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  • Resources for survivors, supporters and professionals

    Discover our recommended resources for survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their supporters, as well as professionals in this field. We hope you will be encouraged by the number and variety of books and websites that are available.

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