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Resources for survivors, supporters and professionals

We have put together a list of books, websites and other resources that have been recommended by our clients and staff for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, their supporters and professionals in this field.

The resources are categorized to some extent, but there is a lot of overlap – after all, what is helpful for a survivor may well also be of interest to a counsellor and vice versa. Equally, what is helpful for one person might not be for another. Please be guided by your own discernment as you use these resources. If reading or viewing any of this content triggers difficult memories and emotions for you, please give our helplines a call and we will support you through this.

Lifecentre takes no responsibility for the content of any of these books or websites. They are for information only. Your comments, however, on their helpfulness or otherwise, would be appreciated. Also if you have used other resources and found them helpful please let us know. We welcome your feedback.