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Henrietta and Sharon run Brighton Marathon for Lifecentre

Our congratulations and thanks go out to Henrietta Newell and Sharon Bondonno, who completed the Brighton Marathon on 9th April to raise funds for Lifecentre.

Henrietta said the following about the day:

“Once I had committed to my first ever marathon in my mid-forties, I was determined that we would follow a proper training plan and do it as closely as possible. This paid off as despite the highest temperatures of the year so far and all our training had been in cold weather, we were able to finish!

I was on edge and quite nervous on the journey down to Brighton but this soon disappeared when we entered the chorale. Right from the start, the support was great from other runners and the crowds. I even had a couple of people say to me ‘great charity’ which meant a lot.

Lots of things go through your mind when you run for such a long time. When I would start to feel tired, I just thought about what the sponsorship would do and also feeling proud to wear the vest.

My official time was 5 hours 6 minutes which I’m very happy with.

Sharon and I got separated when I stopped for a toilet stop which meant we finished separately. We met again at the finish and celebrated/rehydrated with a beer.”

There is still time to donate to Henrietta and Sharon’s Justgiving page. Please consider recognising their fantastic achievement with a contribution towards their cause! They have done amazingly well to surpass their fundraising target, but they want to raise as much as they possibly can – to help Lifecentre support survivors towards reclaiming their lives after experiencing the terrible trauma of sexual assault/abuse.

April 2017