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Lifecentre helped me because after I was attacked all of my relationships broke down. I felt unable to talk to anyone about what had happened to me. I was embarrassed, humiliated, living in fear, scared to go out, feared affection with the exception of my younger brothers and sister, too ashamed to look at anyone. I felt like no-one understood me and that I had been completely cut off from everyone.

My five year relationship with my partner was over and I was unable to even explain what the problem was. I tried to pretend to myself that I could cope with it on my own but it just got worse, becoming more isolated, spending all my time at home crying with the curtains closed and doors locked, getting friends to walk my dog and do my shopping. I realised I couldn’t carry on and on the day I was meant to be celebrating my 22nd birthday I took steps to end my own life because I didn’t know what to do anymore, my life had fallen apart. I just wanted to die; I was incapable of anything, even suicide. Somehow I survived and woke the next day to be told that my big brother had died. It was then that I realised I needed help now or I’d end up dead. At times I felt I couldn’t carry on, that I wasn’t strong enough to get through the counselling, but I knew if I walked away this would haunt me forever. I’d never be able to have a normal life, always living in fear having no strong relationships – not just a sexual partner. So I carried on.

Since Lifecentre, I am able to go out. I’m slowly starting to get my confidence back. I can look at people without feeling ashamed. I don’t get as many bad dreams or wake up crying, or go to bed with all my clothes on, sleep with a baseball bat under my pillows. I can laugh now and six weeks ago I wore a dress.

Maybe one day I’ll want a relationship, I’ll be able to love and trust again, maybe even get married and have some children. Lifecentre is good because they care, and understand. They helped me find peace.