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Broken wings and a shattered life

full of strife,

overwhelmed by loss, pain and grief,

is now healed with tears of relief.

Deep anger at myself is replaced with repentance

and acceptance.

Forgiveness and release

have brought inner peace.

Gone – guilt and shame

now no blame.

Letting go……

allowing my life to flow.

No blocks to impede or hold me back

as I am ‘His’ I nothing lack.

I am OK,

no matter what they say.

My soul has journeyed from darkness to light.

Fear of not being good enough no longer my plight.

Gone the heavy burden of my past,

my slate wiped clean at last.

The maggots buried deep in my inner core

are no more.

I acknowledge God my inner source

as my strongest resource.

My inner light,

now untarnished and bright,

providing illumination and inspiration,

leaving no room for the deep gloom

of yesteryears dark empty soul,

but a light filled space that is whole.

No longer lost and alone,

I have come home, to myself,

I have found Love knowing no bounds.

Reintegration of my spirit – fragmentation no longer a limit.

I have come full circle, like a snake swallowing its tail.

I know I can trust I will not fail,

believing I am a child of God, a small miracle.

Through amazing Grace I have rebirth,

a faith in me and renewed self worth.

The way forward full of hope, joy and love,

I see my path clearly now and thank God above.

Generations of chains have melted away,

setting free the Eagle in me.