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For so many years I felt different.

Everywhere I looked people seemed so normal, to many I looked the same on the outside, a normal girl: happy content with life, but inside I was screaming. Every day was a struggle; just the fight to fit in and appear normal was exhausting. I felt trapped, cocooned in with my thoughts and memories of past times, all the time feeling alone, scared, and like nobody would understand or could possibly stop this pain. Above all was the guilt and shame I carried.

It felt like a cloud constantly sucking the energy out of me. It didn’t matter where I went, it was always with me threatening to throw me into self destruction. Then I was introduced to Lifecentre.

I came trying to have an open mind, but all the time I had a voice in my head telling me: “nobody could possibly understand you – you will be under that spell forever”.

Lifecentre made me feel very welcome and I wasn’t pushed into opening any doors I didn’t want open. Slowly with their help I was able to open my first painful memory that i had locked away. With some gentle guidance, along with that memory came a memory of something lovely that I’d also locked down. I’d felt so consumed by the bad memories, I’d forgotten the good memories and that feeling was amazing.

Slowly my journey continued and Lifecentre helped me to speak the truth over the lies I had been led to believe. They helped me to create a special place I could take myself to when the memories and flashbacks came thick and fast. I felt slowly the lies were being washed away and each was replaced with a truth.

I have come to realise that I am not alone anymore and the guilt is not mine to carry. I’m handing that back because I am in control and I now realise that I can. I now understand the symbol of the butterfly being cocooned in the dark with no way of spreading my wings. Now finally I can be free and spread my wings; my life is my own.

I feel I now have the ability to get myself through the tough times we all face in life.

Thank you Lifecentre for helping me see truth and helping me realise life can be beautiful x