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A little girl lost
That’s just what I was
To say thank you is a definite must
But that just don’t seem enough
Because without ur help
I would still have been so lost.

U gave me strength to face the pain
And made me strong again
Showing me the way
To a brighter day
You gave me a future
Instead of a dead end way

I used to look for that disgusted look
But no matter what
U never gave me that

You made me feel safe
To open up
And look at the skeletons that
Had been locked up
We just took them one by one
Till they were nearly all done

U never pushed or said go away
You kept going
To help me find my way
You had faith in me
And helped me come such a long way

So from the bottom of my heart
I want to say
A very big thank you
For helping me find my way from that little girl
To the lady I am today