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Lifecentre was there
Many years ago
When I first started talking
The hell I was soon to know
You encouraged me lots
Prayed for me too
Gave me time to talk and tell
Of the darkness I was coming through
I told you some secrets
Scared as I was
You promised me privacy
It must have been God
You got my emails
Which meant a lot to me
Your honesty and love
And email hugs so free
I could be honest
About how I felt
Kept me going
My heart began to melt
I was cold and dead inside
Some parts not very brave, wanting to hide
Caroline and Lifecentre
Bringing us out
You met many parts
Gave me time to talk and tell
‘cos the stories they had
Made them feel so bad
See my counsellor
Needing to talk was mad
Said the voices inside
I must be dead and bad
The flashbacks I had
Shared them a lot
Had support and love
Was what I got
Caroline became a companion
Someone who I’d never had
The little ones inside
Thought I was bad and mad
Little me spoke a lot
Her story she began to tell
Adult me was not so sure
Was this the road to ‘hell’?
The journey is long
I am still not through
Still need to tell
Of my life of hell
Round and round my world goes
Where it stops no one knows
I still need Lifecentre
–  you help a lot
In email or phone is what I’ve got
Caroline became my confidante
When all alone I felt
She loves and cares
When it’s dark about
Nikki was here, others too
Was scared, ‘cos it was someone new
But tell I did although it was hard
Some rules were broken for those inside
Nikki was loving, caring too
The hope she shared was something new
Deep down inside we’d found a friend
Lifecentre  –  on whom we could depend
Lifecentre is a lifeline for me
Emailing was part of that
To move on is my aim
It may be hard, but it will be my gain.