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You took the words I said
badly f….d up my head
made me believe a lie
that i
not true
you used your tricks and games
to bring me guilt and shame
so many years of fears and tears
the trust I had in you
to you I was a free screw
such a friendly guy
just another goddam lie
I’m glad you’re not my man
your marriage must be a sham
I’d like to hurt you, kick your face
give you the disgrace
I swore I’d kill you, fill you in
you forced me
trapped me in
did you know I wasn’t there
drunken stupor – didn’t care
you took my words
as yes
encouraged by me knickerless
leading you on
oh is that so
doesn’t silence
count as no
I didn’t want you
don’t you see
that it wasn’t really me
watch the signals
feel the fear
saying nothing as you got near
was it you or was it me
from this guilt please set me free