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Just like when I was small
no-one listened to me at all
and so I just complied you see
Made it easier on me
voiceless in the dark
don’t scream
keep a secret
please don’t tell
little girls will go to hell
so in my adulthood you came
why should I take all the blame
the stupid cycle
seemed just the same
but now I’ve found my voice
my plea
for everyone
to hear me
so no it’s not okay
the thing you did
but it’s time for me to rid
of all the rubbish from my head
and say I’m going to start again
I’m not the child
the woman who
you raped and killed
the child grew
my life now hid with Christ in God
and you were just a dirty sod,
I was not a drunken whore
my payment for the clothes I wore
robber bastard much more too
I’m longing to be shot of you
scrubbed and scrubbed
to wash away
the guilt and shame
you brought that day
memories of then and before
locked behind my bedroom door
will it ever
let me be free
free to be the real me?