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How you can support Lifecentre

“If you think you are too small to make a difference… you have never been to bed with a mosquito.”

Lifecentre is a registered charity which relies on gifts, grants and fundraising initiatives to make its services possible and affordable. We ask adult clients for a contribution to their counselling according to what they can afford, but many are struggling financially as a result of their abuse since they find it hard to hold down a job or attend college.

Many of our team give their time for free because they want survivors of rape and abuse to get the services they need and deserve. Even so, we still need to find £375,000 a year to fund our services. £375,000 may seem like a lot, and it is when you are trying to raise it! But to put it in context, it is roughly equivalent to the costs to Society of just five rapes (according to Home Office figures). We actively seek funding from the agencies who send clients to us, as well as trusts and local and national government. But this still leaves around £80,000 needed each year from generous individuals.

Could you help and have the satisfaction of being instrumental in giving a survivor of sexual abuse or rape their life back? Your gift could make all the difference.

“I have Lifecentre to thank. When I could not afford to see you, not once did you turn me away.”

Lady in her 40s

What your money would achieve

  • £5 would pay for 50 stickers to advertise our services. Any one could lead a survivor to the help they need.
  • £15 would pay for a night’s phone calls to our helpline. Some clients can’t readily get to our centres or can’t yet face talking about their trauma face-to-face. This is where our phone, text and e-mail services can help.
  • £85 would pay for a counselling session and could, literally, save a life as 50% of our clients have thought about suicide.
  • £340 would pay a client’s counselling for a month and start them on the road to getting their life back.
  • £1530 would pay for a client’s full course of 18 counselling sessions. What a gift that would be.

There are many different ways in which you could lend your support to Lifecentre’s work:

  • You can:

    If you are a UK taxpayer please consider registering your donation for Gift Aid which will increase its value at no extra cost to yourself.

  • Regular giving helps us to plan ahead and minimises admin and postage, enabling more of your contribution to go to frontline services. Giving can be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, and you can cancel your commitment at any time.

    The value of your regular gifts can be increased by Gift Aiding them if you pay UK tax. Regular givers become Friends of Lifecentre (that’s not to say our one-off supporters aren’t friends too!) and receive regular updates unless they prefer not to.

    To become a Friend, please get in touch with our fundraising team.

  • Did you know that you can shop online with EasyFundraising and receive free donations for Lifecentre? A brilliant way to support survivors of rape and sexual abuse whilst doing your online shopping! It won’t cost you a penny extra so please help us to raise funds by visiting:

  • Do you ever sell things on Ebay?

    Did you know that you can donate a portion (or all, if you wish) of what you get when you sell items on Ebay to any charity that’s registered with their site?

    If you would like to donate some of your proceeds to Lifecentre, here’s what you do:

    • Visit the Ebay homepage
    • Scroll to the bottom and under ‘selling’ click on the words ‘sell for charity’
    • Follow the 1-2-3 instructions on what to do next
    • Search for and select ‘Lifecentre’ as your chosen charity
  • Here are a few suggestions as to how you might raise money for Lifecentre:

    • Put on a fundraising event for Lifecentre. It could be as simple as a dinner party or tea and cake with some friends. Or perhaps you could organise something at work or through your church or club – maybe a quiz, a curry night or a coffee morning.
    • Do a sponsored something – walk, run, silence – whatever you can do!
    • Forgo gifts for a birthday/anniversary and ask friends and family to donate to Lifecentre instead.

    If you have further ideas on how you might support survivors of sexual abuse and rape, we’d love to discuss these with you. We can provide advice, forms and further information. Simply give our fundraising team a call.

  • How about setting up a Friends of Lifecentre group to raise awareness and raise funds in your local area? Groups can be just you and a few friends who want to help in some way or could be an existing group (social or sports club, work or church group) who want to support Lifecentre as their chosen charity. Friends groups can work together to support Lifecentre in several ways:

    • Put out publicity (posters/leaflets/cards) in places near you (making sure you have permission first of course).
    • Run fundraising events – these can be low-key, small events with a few friends such as hosting a fundraising meal or coffee morning, having a clothes or recipe swap evening, doing a sponsored event, etc. We can provide publicity materials and information to help you raise awareness of Lifecentre’s services.
    • Provide support for major fundraising events by helping to set up and staff display stands and handing out publicity material or just providing extra pairs of hands for whatever needs doing on the day.

    Contact us to see whether a group already exists in your area or to discuss your ideas.

  • If you would like to discuss leaving a gift to Lifecentre in your will please contact our fundraising team. Any discussion will be in the strictest confidence. To designate Lifecentre as a beneficiary, it would be best to specify something along the lines of “Lifecentre, charity number 1127779, or its lawful successor.” Whilst we appreciate you may wish to keep things private, if you do feel able to share your intentions with us it would be a great encouragement. We would, of course, respect any conditions or requests placed on the bequest.

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

    Winston Churchill

Gift Aid it!

If you pay UK tax, you can increase the value of your donation to Lifecentre by registering for Gift Aid. This allows us to claim an extra 25p from the taxman for each £1 you have given – at no cost to you. The only condition is that you must pay a total amount of UK tax which is at least as great as the Gift Aid to be claimed back (including that claimed on any other gifts you have gift aided in the same tax year). If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can also claim back some tax for your donations by including details in your annual return.